French 19th Century oval gilt gesso mirror
Price: £575
  19thC French mirror with picture panel
Price: £650 SOLD
  Ornate shaped gilt wood mirror
Price: £375
  Mid 19thC French oval mirror
Price: £680 SOLD
  Large 19th Century French mirror
Price: £1250
  Large 19thC French mirror
Price: £1380 SOLD
  19th Century French oval mirror
Price: £650
  Early 19thC wall mirror
Price: £580 SOLD
  Victorian overmantel mirror
Price: £595 SOLD
  Victorian over mantel mirror
Price: £395 SOLD
  William IV overmantel mirror
Price: £395 SOLD
  Late Victorian Arts and Crafts mirror
Price: £880 SOLD
  19thC French cushion frame mirror
Price: £1650 SOLD
  Victorian hall mirror
Price: £550 SOLD
  Victorian over mantel mirror
Price: £450 SOLD
  Victorian swing mirror
Price: £275 SOLD
  19thC Girondole mirror
Price: £580 SOLD